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How to build a smart understanding of customer needs?
A few words by Stella Nedelcheva about who she is and what lies behind Brain Trust

Ten years ago, Brain Trust introduced the service named "office in times of crisis" on the Bulgarian market. What it is and how working in the most difficult for the economy years can teach you to lead a successful real estate agency, recalls the owner of the company - Stella Nedelcheva.

Who is Stella Nedelcheva and what do we need to know about her?

Maybe we should start with the fact that my experience in the real estate sphere began in 2004. I was an intern at a law firm, while I was also working in an English investment company, which was focused on the Bulgarian market. This is where I gained my experience in the field of investments and real estate in particular.

We started with purchasing rural properties and renovating them. We bought land on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and ski resorts, and I was engaged in the procedures for land regulation, design, construction, sales and after-sales management and building maintenance. In 2009 a crisis followed and British investors stepped back from the Bulgarian market.

That’s when we created Brain Trust – the brand we’ve been operating under until this day. Apart from the real estate we added a new, very innovative for this period service – coworking spaces and virtual office.

Our motto was ‘office in times of crisis’ – this service was hard to introduce to the market, since most people thought it was too extravagant. Today this service is very well known and the interest towards it keeps increasing. This is the new trend in office usage and management and I’m proud of the services we have been providing for the last 10 years.

At the same time, I continued developing my brokerage business for buying, selling, leasing and managing real estate.

At the moment we have available at our disposal a large database with clients, with whom we have built personal contact. This helps us to be competitive and stand out in the real estate market, where the relations are dynamic, inconsistent and aggressive.

Why did you choose real estate?

I have always loved the diversity of cases and the dynamics of the whole process that leads to a successful real-estate deal. One needs a wide set of skills in order to make sure that both the buyer and the seller will be satisfied.

What is Brain Trust and what lies behind the name?

Behind our name is a team of people that does its best to intelligently understand the customer’s needs. They also strive to capture the specificity of the moment for a deal and the need for long-term planning in our professional relationships with all participants on the market.

Brain Trust is a niche agency. In our company there are specialists who work successfully both in the residential property market as well as in the market for land for construction and industrial properties - factories, workshops, warehouses, commercial areas, agricultural land.

We specialize in consulting and implementing large investment projects, working with both foreign and local investors and helping to execute their business plans. We have many successful partnerships that we are proud of.

Do you remember your first deal? What was the emotion from the first success?

Of course I remember, despite the fact that at that time the market was rising and deals were daily routine. The adrenaline of being successful at manoeuvring through the labyrinth of closing a good deal is really high. The pleasure when both the buyer and seller are satisfied is irreplaceable and long-lasting.





    First of series festive evenings!

    The organisers of the unforgettable concert of Maestro Ennio Morricone in Bulgaria have prepared a surprise for their friends and partners. On 12th February 2014 at 6:30 PM in the halls of Brain Trust office at 76A, James Bourchier Blvd., floor 3, a series of interesting art-oriented events by Event Zone begins.
    Art is a universal language for communication between people regardless of their business and social surroundings. This is the reason we chose a space where new ideas are born, where multi-level interaction and communication is guaranteed. The theme of the upcoming event is full-flavoured wine. Experienced professionals will hold various discussions about wine’s history in our region and its ancient connection with love. They will reassure us in their profound knowledge, giving us a taste of world’s most favourite elixir.

    On 12th the organisers will introduce yet one more provocation to the senses. Maxim Tutunarov’s paintings will bring a vivid accent to the event. Born in 1969 in Sofia, he is a typical representative of the Transition generation in Bulgaria. His works bear the intensity of free movement, colour and constant change. All visitors will be able to enjoy them in the casual environment of the office space.

    Free entrance! 12th February 2014, 6:30 PM in Sofia, 76A, James Bourchier Blvd., Hill Tower business center, floor 3, Brain Trust office.
    Please, confirm your presence at:




    NEW! From the 17.01.2013 Brain Trust can offer you a studio for professional product photography on James Bourchier blvd. - accessories, lights, technical equipment! Possibility for organizing photography courses, shooting of products for advertising purposes and others. Welcome!


    We present to your attention a new location for your meetings, trainings, seminars, serviced by Brain Trust. Welcome to 5 SHISHMAN str., top centre. At your disposal you will find working stations, conference calls and private offices. For more information contact us!


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  • Traumatology Workshop with Ernesto Pintore MD.

    On April 26th, Ernesto Pintore MD held a specialized lecture in front of Bulgarian and Italian medics. Read more.

  • Vichy/ L’Oreal Cosmetique Active Training

    On May 8th, Vichy и L’Oreal specialists presented their colleagues new products from the company and their application. The emphasis was put on sunscreen products with a view on the upcoming beach season.

  • Colposcopy course with Prof. Albert Singer and Dr. Narendra Pisal

    Master course in colposcopy with Professor Albert Singer, professor emeritus of the University of London and Dr Narendra wrote specializing minimal invasive surgery for benign and malignant pathology in the pelvic area. (May 20 and 21st).