Our services are transperant

Brain Trust provides a choice to every business

About Us

Brain Trust can provide a choice for any business, here are several reasons for this:


We are proud that we are one of the highest quality market participants of office services. We offer modern, fully equipped ofice spaces close to the city center at flexible package prices.

Individual solutions

The flexibility of our solutions is unmatched. We offer office services, whether you want hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly usage. We take care of all customer requirements, and offer the "virtual office" service which provides the maximum in terms of low budget business decisions.

Exclusive Design

Our offices are situated close to the city center and offer the comfort of a master design. Systems furniture is distinguished by its ergonomic, forming an impressive meeting room and conference room. This is just a modern addition to office space, which is a combination of the best form and function, allowing you to simultaneously impress your customers and operate efficiently.


Brain Trust is fully equipped with Wi-Fi, telephone lines, personal computers and all necessary office technique.


Our services are transparent and their flexibility means that you only pay for what you use. This allows you to control your consumption in line with the needs and budget of your business on the move.

Onsite assistance

Brain Trust team is always on hand to help your business and impress your customers. We provide professional and friendly receptionists and great opportunities of the virtual office.

Beautiful and flexible office space

If you are looking for office services close to the center, Brain Trust can offer the perfect solution. We offer cost effective office services designed for your professional and impressive image at an affordable price. Our fully equipped and maintained offices in a central location are comfortable and easy to access. The flexibility of our services means that whether your business is 1 or 100, we'll take care of your needs, giving you the opportunity to develop at their own pace without any additional cost and long term relationships.

Wide range of flexible and part-time office solutions

If you need an office in the center and at the same time keeping the flexibility and favorable prices, the use of a part-time job is the right service for you. Hourly jobs are extremely efficient way of working that has been tested worldwide. Our packages for work stations offer the best of modern office equipment based on your needs. Brain Trust provides you with a great work space equipped with everything you need. You will have free Wi-Fi internet connection and exclusive discounts for use of the meeting room and conference room. In short, our package timeshare workplace gives you the freedom to make your business more convenient for you, and then in a central city location combines style and reasonable price.