Brain Trust Real Estate

Offer ID - 3090

Lease - Club/ Café, Sofiya, Kremikovci

Brain Trust Real Estate

Price: 1 500 BGN

Property type: Business property, Club/ Café

Area (sq.m): 300 sq.m;

Location: Kremikovtsi area, Sofia
Description: Brain Trust offers for rent a restaurant situated in an administrative building, which is part of a warehouse complex in Kremikovtsi.
The premise is with capacity of 100 people and is fully furnished and equipped.
About 70 people are working in the warehouse and in the area there are also employees from other businesses (customs office etc.). The restaurant would work very well as a cafeteria or a restaurant with a lunch menu.
The property gives excellent opportunity for developing a business in the area.
- Fully furnished and equipped
- Potential clientele in the area
- Excellent opportunities for business

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