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Sale - House in the city, Sofiya, Gorublyane

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Price: € 270 000

Property type: House, House in the city

Area (sq.m): 270 sq.m;

Plot's area: 375 sq.m;

Construction type: Brick

Stage of construction: Project

Features: Parking space

Location: Gorublyane area, Sofia

Description:  Brain Trust offers for sale a newly built house that is a part of a complex with five detached houses, each with its own yard.

Currently there are two completed houses, construction of another two has started with a completion period of 14 months. There are lots for electricity and water and Certificate of commissioning.

The houses are two-storey, with no underground level, height +7.50 m.

In the northeastern part of the property there are 2 overground parking spaces, located at ground level under the second level of the building. The access to the building (pedestrian and road) is from the side of the existing street. The house has two entrances - one from the street and one from the veranda.

Layout: the parade entrance leads to the antechamber. There is a small corridor which provides access to an office, stairs to the second floor, a bathroom with a toilet and a living room. The office has a direct exit to the open terrace, patio and courtyard. There is an open space type living room with area of 36 sq.m. There is also a kitchenette with a dining area and a fireplace. From the open space you get access to a laundry room with a washing machine and a cabinet, then you pass to a service room.

Vertical communication with the second floor is done through a staircase, which takes you to a corridor leading to 2 bedrooms and a bathroom at the same level. The two bedrooms have space for a wardrobe, a double bed, a working desk and a TV cabinet. From both bedrooms there is access to a balcony of 3.65 sq.m. From the corridor using two stairs you get to level +3,36, where is situated a bathroom and a master bedroom with a closet. From the corridor and the bedroom at the same level there is access to a spacious terrace with an area of 35 sq.m.

Parameters of the property:

Area of the yard - 375 sq. m.
Built-up area 1-st floor - 134.77 sq. m.
Built-up area 2-nd floor - 116 sq. m. with a veranda of 20 sq. m.
Total built-up area of the building - 270 sq. m.

The house will be handed over with plaster and putty in place, with the following finishing works:

Residential premises

Walls and ceilings - lime-gypsum plaster; fine plaster
Window - Streamline 76 of Salamander®. PVC joinery with five-chamber profile system, Three-layer glass package 40 mm - 4 seasons / white / K glass
Sills and hats - natural granite
Entrance door - armored with decorative glass, with lockable mechanism
Floorings - Cement putty
Bathrooms with toilet: walls - cement plaster, ceilings - plasterboard, under-waterproofing, cement mortar, door - MDF - moisture resistant, fitted GROHE toilets
Terraces: vapor insulation, thermal insulation, concrete for slope and bitumen waterproofing, cement mortar, luxury line Semmelrock / AirPave Monaro plates, hats and sills - natural granite
Electrical installation: complete with installed electrical switchboard, electrometer, ceiling lamps and façades and balconies. Lightning protection by means of a lightning rod with a reversing action


Internet and cable TV cabling
Overvoltage protection
Security cabling for indoor and outdoor perimeter
Video surveillance cabling
Water and sewage system: fully completed with polypropylene pipes for hot and cold water, installed water meter for cold water, sewerage


Two types of heating systems are installed:
- Local boiler room located in the service room and radiators for the heated rooms
- Climate split system with outdoor units on the roof and indoor units in every room
- Built-in pipe connection for solar panels
- Built-in pipe connection from the street to the gas connection boiler room

Vertical planning:

Paths, alleys and sidewalks - flooring (slabs, curbs and stairs) Semmelrock: Bradstone- Blue Lias; Milldale; Pastella; Sits top
Parking spaces - Semmelrock reinforced flooring
Sidewalks - Sity top
Barbecue area with Pastella plates


Park system - grass turfs, shrubs, trees, decorative vines, etc.
Irrigation system with control panel
Garden lighting - EGLO Austria


The fence is with reinforced concrete structure and bricks - 1.90 m high. In the rear part it is of metal sheets with vegetation.

Portal doors:

At the front of the property there are two mobile portal doors with Beninca automation. There are photocells for two cars with heated rails. The pedestrian door is with metal profiles.

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