Brain Trust Real Estate

Offer ID - 2579

Sale - Regulated, district of Varna, Ezerovo

Brain Trust Real Estate

Price: € 491 490

Property type: Plot of land, Regulated

Area (sq.m): 10922 sq.m;

 Brain Trust offers for sale a plot of land near the village of Ezerovo, 7 km west of Varna, on the northern side of Lake Varna, along the lake road.
The property is located 200 m away from the lake road, on a municipal road in very good condition, which is maintained year-round.
The plot has an area of 10922 square meters, it has a permit for construction of a logistics center for storage of food and industrial goods, as well as permission for construction of a transformer station (the supplied point is 600 m from the plot) and a water supply plot (the supplied point is 200 m from the plot).
The building permition includes:
- Construction of 2200 square meters of warehouses, with an option for even more for future construction, actually on the plot can be built 6000 square meters warehouses.
- Construction of a 180 square meter office area, with the possibility of building a second floor with the same quadrature, if necessary.
The area is definitely productive, with many activities. 450 meters away from the plot there is a waste treatment plant, about 800 m is the ship repair factory "Dolphin 1", warehouse and container depot of “Unimaster”, base of “Minstroy”, at 1.5 km is Lesport.
The plot reveals a magnificent view over Varna, Asparuhovo Bridge, Hemus Highway, Varna Lake.
Price - 45 euro / sq. m

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