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  • Таня Конакчиева
  • 0886035353

Sale - Non-regulated, district of Sofiya, German

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  • Brain Trust Real Estate
  • Brain Trust Real Estate
  • Brain Trust Real Estate
  • Brain Trust Real Estate
  • Brain Trust Real Estate

Price: € 1 500 000

Property type: Plot of land, Non-regulated

Area (sq.m): 22152 sq.m;

Location: German, Sofia region

Description: Brain Trust offers for sale a plot of land located on the Ring road near the turnout for German.
The plot has a total area of 23000 sq.m, with a face of 100 m on the Ring road, with very good logistics and communication, and a possibility of direct connection to Tsarigradsko shose near Vranya. Part of the property will be used for widening of the Ring road and about 19 200 sq. m. will remain, for which a detailed plan can be made.

The plot is in the area of mixed multifunctional zone 2, with a multifunctional purpose for public service, trade, harmless production, housing, sports and attractions, and other complementary functions, and has the following building characteristics:

Density - 60%
Coefficient of intensity- 1.2
Built-up area – 10 000 sq.m.
Landscaped area (half of which with high tree vegetation) - 30%.

A perfect opportunity for building a Mall, showroom, shopping and sports sites and attractions, accompanying functions garages, car washes, gas station, warehouses and more.

Housing is also allowed, up to 20% of the total built-up area.

Even better structural parameters of the property can be achieved in the preparation of the Detailed Development Plan by the investor in accordance with his intentions. There is an ordinance of the chief architect of Sofia Municipality for development of a regulation and construction plan, as well as detailed plan.
- Communicative location
- Variety of opportunities for building

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