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Sale - Regulated, district of Dobrich, Durankulak

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Price: € 6 150 000

Property type: Plot of land, Regulated

Area (sq.m): 123000 sq.m;


Brain Trust is pleased to offer for sale properties located on the beach of “Durankulak 3” in the center of one of the most beautiful bays on the Bulgarian Black Sea coastline.
The property has a total area of 123.8 acres and 400 meters face to the beach. The width of the beach in front of them is about 110 meters, with crystal clear sand, beach for lovers of beauty and privacy. The virgin nature and the presence of one of the longest beaches in Bulgaria, makes the northern part of the Black Sea coast a zone of elite tourism with low and medium-level construction, completed construction of 3 golf courses and others. In the immediate vicinity of the property, also 72 650 sq. m.. areas with the same construction parameters are available..
Parameters and Distances:
• 15 neighboring properties with the possibility of unification in one common, all in 8 massif in the territory of the village of Durankulak, Shabla, reg. Dobrich;
• face on the beach - 400 m.
• 400 m from a central water supply;
• 2,000 meters of power supply;
• 1 700 m from international road E 87;
• 90 km from Varna Airport;
• 60 km from Constanta Airport
Landed properties (LP) have a completed procedure and paid fees for changing the designation and a design visa. The individual properties have a separate detailed development plan (PUP). Purpose: according to the current Detailed Development Plan - holiday complex construction. The building parameters are as follows: Kint 0.8; Roofing cornice from 7 m to 10 m; Density of building 40%. There are approved detailed development plans for each of the properties for a holiday village. A complex of hotels, apartment hotels or luxury villas would suit the structural parameters - an idea that has already been applied to the southern Black Sea coast.
• the properties are the only ones with such an area (united together) on the first line of the coast;
• lack of overbuilding;
• extremely large face on the beach;
• proximity to the international road and to the biggest airports on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and Romania;
• opportunities for European projects
The area around Durankulak Lake is one of the most attractive destinations in the Balkans for hunting during the winter. The beach in front of the property is in close proximity to Lake Durankulak - a unique natural and archaeological wildlife sanctuary. On the shore of the lake there are remains of one of the most ancient populations in Europe (5,000 BC). The artifacts found there along with the troves in the necropolises in Varna and Devnya, are considered to be the oldest processed gold in the world.





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