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  • Стела Неделчева
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Sale - Regulated, district of Vraca, Gorni Vadin

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Price: € 110 000

Property type: Plot of land, Regulated

Area (sq.m): 7676 sq.m;


For the lovers of beautiful scenery and fishing - we offer you a plot composed of 10 plots with total area of ​​7676 sq. m., situated on the bank of the Denube river. bordering the river, in the village of Gorni Vadin, near Oryahovo. The plots have areas between 729 and 794 sq. m. - may be purchased separately or together.


The individual price of each plot is € 12,000 and the total of all is € 110,000.

The village is situated in a rugged area of ​​the Danube River. It is 134 km northeast of Sofia and 34 km southeast of Oryahovo. Grainsand vineyards are grown, livestock is developed. A kilometer from the village, there is an illuminated stone block called "kyatra korbanuli" (rite stone), connected with an old local tradition. There are several mineral springs and fountains. There is an abandoned port turned into a fishing pier, which is also for sale (for more information 0889993633).
West of the village towards the village of Ostrov is Ledenika area with vineyards and gardens. Each year, there's a festival, celebrated on 10 September, which lasts several days. This event is attended by many guests from other parts of Bulgaria and the world. St. John's day and Jordan's day are known for young people dressing in mummers costumes and going around the village for health. The villagers are proud of their traditional "Vlashka brine" or "Morichika" (made from fish or chicken), "Mamaliga", home made bread and "Lyutika". Polpular meals are also nettle porridge, fish dishes, meatballs from Danube mussels ("skoyki").


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