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  • Stela Nedelcheva
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Sale - Regulated, Non-regulated, district of Pazardjik, Batak

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Price: Upon request

Property type: Plot of land, Regulated, Non-regulated

Area (sq.m): 81353 sq.m;

Location: Tsigov Chark, Batak, Pazardzhik 

Description:  Brain Trust would like to present to you a property for sale, consisting of three plots, located in the region of Tsigov Chark, near the town of Batak in the Rhodope mountain.

Tsigov Chark is a Bulgarian mountain resort located on the west coast of dam Batak, which is the sixth largest dam in Bulgaria.

Tsigov Chark is located some 7 km from the town of Rakitovo, 7 km from the town of Batak, 19 km from the town of Velingrad and 43 km from Pazardzhik. The resort provides many opportunities for hunting and fishing, water sports and recreation.

In the resort are located a few larger hotels, a lot of small, family-run hotels and private villas. The largest part of the beds (17 000) is located in the villas and the “single-family house” type of hotel complexes. The place is ideal for family recreation type of tourism. The market is developed with existing grocery stores and a lot of small establishments, such as bars and restaurants. They are competing quite well with the luxurious restaurants and bars in the hotel complexes. There are two fully functional ski slopes. One is located near the dam wall, and the other is on the road from Rakitovo to Batak, about two kilometers away from the road junction in the center of the resort. Available on spot are ski drag lifts, ski wardrobe, sleds and ski teachers. The prices are reasonable, allowing all willing to come and enjoy the slopes.

The slope has a length of 1200 m. There is a beginners section as well as one for more advanced skiers. Near the slope there are a parking lot and a lot of places to eat. The infrastructure is being developed, while most of the repossessed agricultural plots of land are not yet regulated. This is a setback for the quick development of the resort and does not allow it to take its place amongst the already established resorts, such as Bansko and Pamporovo.

The interest from investors in the region is already substantial. Some very large scale projects are currently starting construction, such as hotels, luxurious villa settlements, restaurants, pools and many other amenities for the tourists. The number of ski pistes is about to be expanded and they will be equipped with modern facilities.

 The plots are as follows:

  • Enyov kamak area - 21 353 sq. m. The plot borders the dam and is located on flat land. Nearby are some small villas and places for caravans.
  • Tupavitsite area - 39 937 sq. m.
  • Tupavitsite area - 20 063 sq. m. with 200 meters facing the road, near the old villa of the Forestry administration.


 The two plots in the Tupavitsite are mainly woods and are located close to each other, in the villa area of Tsigov Chark and don’t have a view of the dam. Nearby are some small house complexes. One other plus of this place is the presence of a road that offers easy, all-year round access.

This offer is a very good investment opportunity, having in mind the location, which provides access to very picturesque nature, clean air, close to the dam and mineral springs.

 The plots are not regulated.


  • Near dam Batak
  • Surrounded by picturesque nature
  • Already developing location for mountain tourism, skiing, spa, water sports, hunting, fishing etc.
  • Ski infrastructure


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