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Sale - Regulated, district of Pazardjik, Rakitovo

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Price: Upon request

Property type: Plot of land, Regulated

Area (sq.m): 26426 sq.m;

Location: Rakitovo, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

Description of the area:
We are glad to present land for sale in the region of Rakitovo, which is located in the western part of the Rhodope mountain, about12 km away from the town of Velingrad and 7 km from dam Batak, where the resort of Tsigov Chark is located. The climate is characterized by a cool summer, mild winter and heavy snowfall. The warm Aegean wind, the mainly coniferous forest and the location of the town make it a unique place in the heart of the Rhodope mountain.
The area was first settled in 400 BC. Today the remnants of a Thracian fortress-sanctuary can be found in the locality of Pashino Bardo, where  the nature reserve Mantaritsa begins (mant - sacred; teritsa - land), which is under the aegis of UNESCO.
The town-festival of Rakitovo is held on Enyovden (Midsummer) 6-7 July and is the largest summer holiday in Rakitovo. It is related to the cult of the sun and vegetation and the hope for fertility. In the beginning of August is held a folk-fest, which in 1999 becomes international.
Due to its clean air and specific location, Rakitovo is very suitable for people suffering from asthma and lung diseases. That’s why there is a boarding school located there for children with such issues. In the town there is also an operational bath with mineral water, which is said to help for arthritis and gastrointestinal diseases.
The local cuisine is characterized by the typical Balkan dishes consisting mainly of all types of meat, dairy products, thorough use of many herbs, vegetables and food ingredients specific for the region.

Property description: The property we would like to present is located in a region with mineral water - the Murovo locality. The plot has a total area of 26 000 sq. m. and has been allocated for the construction of a hotel complex, which already has a design project.
The property is situated at 800 m above sea level and some 3 km away from the center of Rakitovo, at the foot of the mountain. It is surrounded by greenery from all sides - mainly forests and low vegetation. It can be reached via an asphalt road.
The property consist of a plot with an old building, which used to be a large spa sanatorium, built in 1928 by Queen Yoana and surrounded by a park with walking alleys. The building was constructed using German technology and has a 1,5 m high fundamentals, that can be utilized for the new buildings.
The area is very rich on mineral water. The plot is in regulation and has been allocated for the construction of spa hotel.

The design project is for the construction of a spa complex. The volumetric solution is based on a north-south oriented axis, defining the orientation towards good exposure and the mountain view. The building has a classic U-shape.
The ground floor of the building is occupied by public facilities - main foyer with reception, concierge, lobby-bar, a main and themed restaurants with a kitchen between them, winter garden, and the main part of the SPA with an indoor pool. The ground floor opens up to the south to spacious terraces, where the main features are the water attractions and the outdoor pool.
On the basement level are located all technical and service facilities, large part of the SPA center, the staff premises and the storages for the kitchen. On this level outside of the building’s borders there is an underground parking with 118 parking spaces.
The top four hotel levels are entirely residential. In the northern part of the second floor is located the hotel administration.
The main hotel unit - a double bedroom has a classic design with an entrance hall with a wardrobe, bathroom, a room with two separate beds and a terrace. The more luxurious rooms allow for a sitting corner with a sofa-bed.
The apartments are designed with one or two separate rooms and a second toilet.
Beneath the glass dome is located a panoramic cafe.

The property provides for a great investment opportunity due to the great location, surrounding picturesque nature, mineral water, proximity to the Batak dam and Velingrad spa-center.

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