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  • Stela Nedelcheva
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Sale - Regulated, district of Pazardjik, Velingrad

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Price: Upon request

Property type: Plot of land, Regulated

Area (sq.m): 53465 sq.m;

Location: Town of Velingrad , Bulgaria

Description: Brain Trust offers for sale a regulated plot of land in the town of Velingrad, located on an area of 53 000 sq.m.It is alocated for the construction of a spa-hotel complex.

About the area:
Velingrad is located in the Chepinska valley in the Western Rhodope. It is 44 km away from Pazardjik and has a mountain climate.
Velingrad is one of the most cloudless cities in Bulgaria and with the largest water resources - rivers, karst and mineral springs. The dams in the area diversify the natural environment, change the microclimate positively and significantly increase the attractiveness of the landscape.
Velingrad`s geothermal deposit is the largest in the southern part of Bulgaria. The sum of the debit of springs is 160 l / s.
Mineral springs (80 in number), mild climate and beautiful scenery are the city's great wealth, and the city itself is known as the "SPA capital of the Balkans". There are many sanatoria, medical centers, modern spa centers and hotels. The beautiful scenery, the mineral springs and the climatic peculiarities, that are favorable to the treatment of a number of diseases, make Velingrad a preferred destination for Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

About the property:

The plot is located about 500 m outside the town, in the direction of Yundola, Hodzha Koriya area, about 50 m on the left side of the main road Velingrad - Yundola. The place is arched, surrounded by a pine forest and bordered by the road. A National Center for Pulmonary Diseases is located on the other side of the road. There is a possibility to get a concession for mineral water, with the debit necessary for the needs of the complex.

The complex is situated on an area of 52,630 sq. m. The total built-up area amounts to 53,231 sq.m.
Hotel part: At the entrance level there is a lobby, a reception, a lobby bar, a piano bar and a restaurant with a kitchen. 200 hotel units have been developed on 5 floors: 30 single rooms, 86 double rooms, 30 luxury rooms, 24 apartments. The total built-up area of the area is 33 854 sq. m

The spa area is developed on 6 levels and includes reception, lobby bar, medical center, SPA-tract with 2 swimming pools, 51 hotel units: 6 single rooms, 33 double rooms and 12 suites. There are also a restaurant, a Viennese salon, a night bar, a casino, 3 conference rooms, fashion boutiques. There are 262 underground parking lots, many offices and technical premises. The total area of this part amounts to 15 905 sq.m.

There are 20 above ground parking spaces.

Additionally, in the complex there are 7 free-standing buildings - villas, each with 4 apartments, 28 apartments with a total area of 3 472 sq. m. There are also 2 outdoor pools.

It is also planned to build a large complex of outdoor swimming pools, alleys, green areas, and rich variety of low and high vegetation.



- Mild climate and beautiful scenery

-  Located in the "SPA capital of the Balkans"

- Large built-up area


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