Brain Trust Real Estate

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  • Stela Nedelcheva
  • 0889993633

Sale - Industrial premises, Regulated, district of Stara Zagora, higway Trakiya

Brain Trust Real Estate

Price: € 370 000

Property type: Business property, Industrial premises, Plot of land, Regulated

Area (sq.m): 6651 sq.m;

Brain Trust brings to your attention an excellent offer of a property, located on Trachia Highway, in 180 km from Burgas.

The plot has a size of 6651 sq. m. and has a front part of 76 meters facing the highway.

The property is located next to Rupite village in the area of Chirpan, in 3.5 km from the west entrance and in 5 km from the east entrance of Chirpan.

The plot is flat and is on the level of the highway and due to the specific of the terrain, the visibility towards the plot is 5-6 km.

The property has a new purpose of use – agricultural land for construction of Gas and Petrol Station with commercial building, restaurant and a Motel.

A full set of documents is available for the quick construction, as well as possible cooperation and assistance before, during and after construction.

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