Brain Trust Real Estate

Offer ID - 1602

  • Stela Nedelcheva
  • 0889993633

Sale - Non-regulated, Farming land, district of Sofiya, Klisura

Brain Trust Real Estate

Price: Upon request

Property type: Plot of land, Non-regulated, Farming land

Area (sq.m): 14193 sq.m;

Brain Trust presents properties for sale in the terrain of Klisura village, near Samokov, situated in the following localities and with sizes:

  • Smrikata – 7592 sq. m.
  • Buchikata – 3106 sq. m.
  • Martinitsa – 1100 sq. m.
  • Zagranya – 2395 sq. m.

The plots are fields and meadows of 9th and 10th categories.


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