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Sale - Regulated, Sofiya, Orlandovci

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Price: € 95 000

Property type: Plot of land, Regulated

Area (sq.m): 2228 sq.m;

It is a Regulated Land Property with a completed procedure with number for putting into regulation. Last stage of the procedure that must be done is notifying the neighbors, but there aren’t any except for one small plot owned by the municipality and could be bought very cheap.

The plot is located on the most strategic place in the Industrial area of Orlandovtsi.

Along the plot passes all the traffic, servicing the area of the former flea market, the Valda factory for joinery, Topdrinks two concrete nods, multiple warehouses, etc.

On the opposite side of the plot, there is a TIR parking and a bus-service spot of King Long Korean buses for the Balkan Peninsula.

Further up the Street of Temenuga, the parking of Group &Etap Transportation Companies is located.

The plot is situated on the corner of two streets and there are about 10-12 acres of adjacent areas between the plot and the river that could also be used for parking or open warehouses. These ten acres are surrounded by land and river, and no one but the owner of the land has access to them – the river is not navigable, and no one can pass through, furthermore, a fence could be built on the shore.

Due to its strategic location, the plot offers either the construction of parking and warehouses or a bank office and a restaurant for the workers in this area.

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