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  • Stela Nedelcheva
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Lease - Shop, Club/ Café, Industrial premises, Hotel, Sofiya, Lyulin - Centre

Brain Trust Real Estate

Price: € 18 407

Property type: Business property, Shop, Club/ Café, Industrial premises, Hotel

Area (sq.m): 2450 sq.m;

Plot's area: 4718 sq.m;

Brain Trust brings to your attention a sports complex, representing a complex of buildings, purposed to be planned and constructed in two stages.

Currently, a sports hall, a servicing building and a hot walkway link are built with a total built up area of 2 450 square meters.

According to the current regulatory plan, a hotel with maximum height of 75 meters to be constructed is envisaged in the south part. It will service the sport complex through the hot walkway link.

The sports hall is designed for volleyball, some other sports and entertainment events. It is a one-story concrete structure with a basement with an area of 920 square meters and a capacity of 500 spectators.

In the basement of the volleyball hall are a located the fitness center with an area 690 square meters, a hairdresser, a swimming pool with changing rooms, showers , rest room, sauna and massage, medical office and utility rooms for two teams.

The hall is also offered for sale.

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